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Lovingly Restored 19th Century Townhouse, Celebrating 25 Years at the Heart of Roscommon Hospitality

Welcome to Gleesons Restaurant & Rooms

Gleesons Townhouse


Ours is a lovingly restored 19th century townhouse with charm and comforts at every turn. You’ll find us perched on the edge of Roscommon Town’s bustling market square. The perfect place to enjoy all that Roscommon town has to offer and the perfect base to explore the County’s idyllic lakelands. Our accommodation in Roscommon features 19 rooms and two luxury suites, each designed with unique flair, at Gleesons Restaurant & Rooms you can really rest, relax and enjoy. 

Gleesons Townhouse


Roscommon is lamb country and it doesn’t get any better than ours. Grass fed, roaming free, reared with care and cooked with love. Here at Gleesons Restaurant & Rooms in Roscommon we pride ourselves on the quality of our raw ingredients. We’re lucky to be surrounded by amazing producers and they inspire every dish on our restaurant menu. Handmade, homemade and every plate prepared with passion. Relax a while and let your tastebuds revel in goodness. 

Gleesons Townhouse


You can save the best for last but when everything is so good, you’re just missing out. Our advice is ‘go big’. Treat yourself to something sweet. All our desserts are handmade and homemade, a feast for your eyes and smile for your face. Enjoy your favourite or pick some to share. There’s always room for dessert and remember the answer is chocolate no matter what the question is.

Gleesons Townhouse


Rest & relax in real comfort right here on Roscommon Town Square in a restored townhouse with over 100 years of history and all the comforts of home. Everything handmade & homemade, discover the real & remarkable producers that inspire every dish on our menu. When it comes to recreation & Roscommon, well... we’ve got a world of heritage and attractions just waiting to be discovered.